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BossCraft 5.0 Launch

Snowh tag posted Aug 17, 16




✔ Added Pets
✔ Added ColorChat
✔ Added Disguise
✔ Fixed 88.8% Server lag
✔ Fixed 50+ Server errors
✔ Added GiantTown
✔ Fixed Hub2
✔ Added /Freeze for moderation purposes
✔ Upgraded host & network connection
✔ Added Holoween Seasonal Ranks eg: Bat, Vampire, Witch
✔ Added Particle Effects
✔ Added Playertime Counter eg: /playtime, /playtime top, /playtime (player).
✔ Upgraded Rank Prefixes
✔ Added more Staff permissons
✔ New & improved /Email recovery system
✔ Added Holloween Decorations on all servers
✔ Added /Report for indivisual Servers
✔ Fixed invisible bug on all servers
✔ Better /Vanish for donators
✔ New prefix when being nicked "#" eg: #Snowhy


✖ Upgrade KitPVP
✖ Upgrade & Update OpPVP
✖ Fix & release Spleef
✖ Fix, Upgrade SkyWars
✖ Add Global /Report
✖ Fix /Skull Bug
✖ Remove Banned Items on Creative

Hello BossCrafters!

  As several of you know; my computer was messed up and it took some time for me to get a new Computer. I have finally got my computer which I am very excited about. But let's get to Bussiness.

  With much consideration I have decided our best chance for BossCraft. There are hundreds of glitches and bugs on BossCraft right at this moment all because of the plugin which features "1.5-1.8" This plugin causes several players to crash and have an horrible experience on BossCraft, and that isn't acceptable. As of TOMORROW, there will be a period of downtime around 1PM EST - 5PM EST

  For the people who are questioning if they can play anymore. There are several cracked-launchers on the internet that you can easily use with 1.7-1.8. There will be an instalation guide on the website coming tomorrow.

  The next couple of days there will be major changes to BossCraft that will better BossCraft & it's community. I have several plans for new ranks, servers and major bug fixes to make BossCraft a better experience.

Fixing Network errors?

Snowh tag posted Jul 15, 16

    As of now, we are looking into solutions to fix the network's crashing. We have tested only using 1.7+ verisons which would completely fix the crashes, and unexspected bugs. The network wouldn't go through any resets, or any changes but less laggy, & no more bugs. We are looking for you to vote! to let us know what do you want?

1) Keep 1.5.2-1.8 which causes lag, exploits, errors & crashes?
2) Change to 1.7-1.9 which fixes lag, exploits errors & crashes?

You can vote now @

BossCraft 4.5

Snowh tag posted Jul 2, 16
     BossCraft has been up since late 2012. Our network has diverged and changed over several years. Over these years we grew from a playerbase of 15, to over 7,500 players. Our network is special to me, and you guys; and that is why I have decided to go all out on this network. In the next couple months BossCraft 4.5 will be released with several new game modes and several new features:
- Spleef - Towny - OneInTheChamber - TurfWars - OpFactions -
- GiantTown - Practice - OpPrison -
     We will be implenting several new donator perks & non-donator perks that will help Staff's job and make it easier to catch hackers, abusers and get noticed easily. Such as:
- /Report (Globally) - /VoteKick (For when staff are Offline)
- /Staff (View all online staff) - A Global message presenting all the "Sponsors" of our network. - Pets, Particle effects for donators. - Profile systems for all users. (This will show all alts, information such as balances, logs of chats, and NCP(hacking etc) - BlackList implemented. - 3 Accounts Per Ip-Address implemented. - Global StaffChat for Staff - Seasonal Donation ranks (Easter=Bunny, Christmas=Elf,Santa, etc) ... (51 more lines..)
     BossCraft will never be going offline. It is my JOB and my duty to keep BossCraft up and running as long as Possible.
** Now please enjoy the official Sneak-Peak of BossCraft 4.5 **

New Website

Snowh tag posted Jun 16, 16

     Hello BossCrafters! Yes it's finally here, a forum. Our previous forum was a horrible experience. But now we have a completely functional and working forum system with amazing new features. We are currently still working on the website, so if you find any bugs. Please report them in the bug section of the forums.

    We have been notcing quite a few hackers on BossCraft; and to our ability we are going to be adding some new changes to fix hackers being able to join the network. There will be many updates in the next couple months because we are still in Beta. Previous our network was very outdated and needed several changes. So we have a brand new network with a ton of new changes and upgrades. If you are aware with any bugs or exploits please let us know in the bug section of the forums. This forum is there to report bugs so we are able to fix them.

   Network Crashes have been occuring several days now, and we are 100% sorry for the innconvience. For the passed couple months our network has been online we have encountered several issues with network security. Right now they are being worked on and I can promise you in the next couple months we will be removing a ton of bugs and exploits to the game that will enhance your experience.

 Thank you for Reading. 
** Love, Snowh.